Thank you for your interest in my project honouring the 20th anniversary of YWCA Muskoka. The idea for this project came while I was serving as a volunteer board member for the YWCA. During board meetings, we often discussed various ways that the organization could tell its story to the public, whether it be through photos, brochures or video presentations. As a maker of objects, I thought it would be compelling to create a body of work that shared some of the stories of the women who've been impacted by the YWCA, but in a non-traditional way. Fortunately, the Ontario Arts Council liked this idea and I was chosen as a 2017 recipient of a Craft Projects grant to help me complete this project. 

Right now, I am at the beginning stage of the project, gathering stories and anecdotes that help illustrate how clients, staff, program participants, board members and volunteers have grown or been changed through their involvement with YWCA Muskoka. Drawing upon the stories that I collect, I will create 20 neckpieces that will be exhibited at this year's Women of Distinction Awards Gala and then auctioned off, with all of the proceeds going back to the YWCA.

Please share a story about YWCA Muskoka with me. The more detailed you can be with your story, the better. Below you will find a form with some questions that might help you tell your story. None of the form fields are required, which means that you are able to make your submission anonymously. If you would prefer not to use this format, you can also contact me via email at or by telephone at 705-769-1726 to make other arrangements.

Thank you in advance for your help with this project!

- Miranda

(Was there a particular life event or catalyst that caused you to seek out the YWCA?)
(When you compare who you were before you became involved with the YWCA and who you are now, how has the organization helped you grow or transform? What have you learned? How has your perspective changed?)
Are you okay with me contacting you with further questions?